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Meeting Agenda for Monday March 12, 2018


I.                  Call to order


II.               Approval of monthly minutes for February, 2018


III.            Open Issues – Guests


IV.           Finance (Ray Brierley)

-Approve Monthly Treasurers Report


V.              Water / Sewer (Dave Mertes)



VI.           Buildings / Grounds (Mike Cooper)



VII.        Police Department (Andy Forrest)

-Chief of Police Presentation


VIII.     Health & Safety (Randy Railey)



IX.            Streets / Alleys (Chris Dose)

-Roosevelt Street


X.               Unfinished Business

-Progress with the Army Corp of Engineers

-Reviewing and Concerns with Village Ordinances



XI.            New Business 

-Closed Session-Legal Issues

-Ordinance for No Solicitors


XII.         Adjournment



Village of Lostant

107 W. 3rd Street

Lostant IL 61334



Minutes of February 12, 2018


Meeting was called to order at 7:27 PM by Jack Immel


Present: Dave Mertes, Randy Railey, Mike Cooper, Ray Brierly, Andy Forrest, and Chris Dose.


Guests present:   Jimmy Kreiser, Mitch McCaw, Dean Chalkey, Leland Decker, Carol Stoens, Jim Pozzi, John Vezzetti, Ali Braboy, from News Tribune, and reporter Brett.



Motion was made by Randy Railey, 2nd by Mike Cooper to approve minutes from January 8, 2018 meeting.  All Yes.


Carol Stoens asked the board if they would mow the Lostant Baseball Diamonds during baseball season, April through July, Jack stated he has no objection with the town employees mowing the diamonds and either did the board.  


Jim Pozzi from Republic Services addressed the board stating that Republic Services had bought out Illinois Valley Disposal and he wanted to assure the board that the contract we had with Illinois Valley Disposal stays the same, and if the board has any questions or concerns, to please contact him.



-Motion to Approve Monthly Treasurers Report was made by Randy Railey, 2nd by Mike Cooper, all yes.

-Jim Kreiser stated the TIF Loan matured on January, 2018, and we are paying the regular payment on that loan which is $3,500.00, and we need a motion to be made to make an additional principal payment in the amount of $13,000.00.  Motion was made by Chris Dose, 2nd by Dave Mertes, all yes, to make an additional principle payment in the amount of $13,000.00, on the TIF Loan.

-Motion was made by Dave Mertes, 2nd by Mike Cooper, all yes, to take out a loan in the amount of $8,917.80, for a 2 year loan at 3.95% interest to renew the TIF Loan. 

-Jim then stated that this will leave the village approximately $10,000.00 in the TIF savings.


 Water & Sewer:          



Buildings & Grounds: 

-Mike Cooper had received bids for the door at the Lostant Library, and he stated that repairing that door may have to wait to spring/summer. 

-Mike Cooper advised the board that the main lawn mower needs to be repaired as the deck is bent.  Mike stated it can be fixed for roughly $300.00, or a new deck will be around $1,350.00.  The board agreed to fix the deck at this time.

-Mike Cooper asked about the junk vehicles that were around town, and Jack stated he believed that there is more junk vehicles in town now then there was a year ago, Jack stated he was going to reach out to the chief of police and see what is going on.



-Jack Immel bought up the idea the possibility of a shared police services, with like Tonica and Wenona, asking if something to maybe look into, and wanted some feedback from the board.  Randy Railey stated that every agency or town would have to have the same ordinances or they wouldn’t be enforced, Randy stated it will be a nightmare.        


Health & Safety:         



Streets & Alleys:          

-Motion was made by Mike Cooper, 2nd by Randy Railey, all yes, to purchase a snow plow/dump truck in the amount of $33,433.00, from Landmark Ford, in Springfield, Illinois.

-Motion was made by Andy Forrest, 2nd by Chris Dose, all yes, to purchase the body, plow, equipment, and accessories from Bonnell Truck Body, in Dixon, Illinois.

-Andy did inform the board that once the truck is ordered, it will take approximately 6-8 weeks for delivery, once the truck comes in, the truck will go to Bonnell and that will take approximately 4-6 weeks.


Unfinished Business:    

-Motion made by Dave Mertes, 2nd by Mike Cooper, to pass the Parameters Ordinance, Ordinance # 02-12-18-01, all yes.

-John Vezzetti, from Bernardi Securities, explained to board that the board could refinance the loan that we have for the current sewer project, with a lower interest rate, which would save the village money.  The village is paying about 4.6% interest, and with the refinancing, the interest rate would be between 3.75% and 4%. Motion was made by Dave Mertes, 2nd by Mike Cooper, all yes, to refinance the current sewer project loan. 


New Business:  

-Jack Immel stated he received an email concerning Com Ed and street lights, based on the electricity that we use, and that 13 arms, lights, and fixtures will cost around $2,000.00, Dave stated that is a steal, Jack stated then he called Com Ed, and Com Ed advised Jack that this was not eligible, and the Com Ed Representative was going to send Jack some information.   Jack did advise the village clerk to put street lights on the agenda for next month. 

-Ray Brierly asked why the town was plowing the Roosevelt Street, by his house, and the board did not know.  Andy Forrest had asked what the town is doing with that road, and Chris Dose stated he would like to see it graveled.  Chris stated the board needs to decide to gravel it or vacate it.  Jack advised the clerk to also put on agenda for next month, so the board can decide.



-Motion to adjourn was made by Randy Railey, 2nd by Dave Mertes, all yes.















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