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Meeting Agenda for Monday January 8, 2018

I.                  Call to order


II.               Approval of monthly minutes for December, 2017 


III.            Open Issues Ė Guests


IV.           Finance (Ray Brierley)

-Approve Monthly Treasurers Report


V.              Water / Sewer (Dave Mertes)

-Executive Session-Employee Issue


VI.           Buildings / Grounds (Mike Cooper)



VII.        Police Department (Andy Forrest)



VIII.     Health & Safety (Randy Railey)



IX.            Streets / Alleys (Chris Dose)

-Snow Plow Truck


X.               Unfinished Business

-2nd Street Project-Borrowing of Funds


XI.            New Business 

-Ordinance Adopting A Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment For The Village Of Lostant, Ordinance # 01-08-18-01

-An Ordinance Regulating Video Gaming, Ordinance # 01-08-18-02

-An Ordinance Amending Section 5-1-6-1(C), Ordinance # 01-08-2018-03



XII.         Adjournment






Village of Lostant

107 W. 3rd Street

Lostant IL 61334



Minutes of December 11, 2017


Meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by Jack Immel


Present: Dave Mertes, Mike Cooper, Ray Brierly, and Chris Dose.  Absent was Andy Forrest and Randy Railey.


Guests present:   Jimmy Kreiser, Mitch McCaw, Leland Decker, Dean Chalkey, Austin Taylor, John Vezzetti, and News Reporter Brett Harmon.


Motion was made by Mike Cooper, 2nd by Dave Mertes to approve Novemberís Monthly Minutes, all yes.



-Motion to Approve Monthly Treasurers Report was made by Chris Dose, 2nd by Mike Cooper, all yes.

-John Vezzetti from Bernardies Securities, talked with the board about municipal bonds.  John stated about a month ago he was approached by Jack to take a look at the water tower project the town has going on.  John stated that there may be also be an opportunity to refinance the loan that was taken out back in 2001 to get a lower interest rate, in addition to the water tower project, with a lower interest rate it could save the village approximately 60-80 thousand dollars over time.  John stated this is a 3 step process, and the first step will be passing the resolution that was presented to the board tonight, then there will be a public hearing at the next board meeting which will notify the registered voters with the intent of bonds, then the following meeting then will set the terms if we decide to act at that time.  John stated the board could take action on refinancing the current loan we have and wait on the water tower project or wait all together and do them both together, there is no benefit of savings to do separately or together, it is just a matter of preference.  John did state that a lot of his clients are not waiting as interest rates are at an all-time low, and where those rates are going to be in 6 weeks or 6 months, no one knows.  John stated if the resolution is passed tonight, it will be good for 3 years. 

-On the 2nd street project, the original loan amount was for $23,580.00, and the total amount of project was $34,657.98, so we need to borrow additional money, Dave stated there is nothing in the agenda to vote on, so we canít make a motion, Jack stated we will table to next month. 


 Water & Sewer:          

- Mitch McCaw stated a pump went out at the lift station in the sub division, the pump was taken to get repaired by Machinery Maintenance, and the pump was not fixed correctly, so the pump was taken to Inmanís in LaSalle, who fixed it correctly.  Mitch stated he wasnít sure what we wanted to do with the bill with Machinery Maintenance, Dave stated he will speak to Kyle about it before we pay it. 


Buildings & Grounds: 

-Jack had asked Mike if there was anyone that the village could call to get bids on the library, a gentleman name Jim Wellner, and Jack was going to give him a call.





Health & Safety:         



Streets & Alleys:          

-Chris asked to table a new snow plow. 

-Jack advised the board the snow plow truck we have is in bad shape.  So Jack had made some phone calls calling different car dealers, getting pricing on a new truck.  Jack passed out to the board what he had found out.  Jack stated he went to the bank and spoke to the bank about what the payments would be on a new truck.  Jack stated if we ordered a new truck it could take 6 weeks to 6 months to get in.  Dave asked Jim for financial feedback, and Jim stated we have no money, but we have spent money in worse ways.  Jim had asked if Jack had spoken to the bank about making the truck payment annually, and Jack stated he had not.


Unfinished Business:    




New Business:  

-Motion was made by Mike Cooper, 2nd by Dave Mertes, all yes, to approve An Ordinance authorizing the issuance of General Obligation Bonds (Alternate Revenue Service), Series 2018 of the Village of Lostant, LaSalle County, Illinois, in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $1,450,000 for the purpose of financing various capital projects within the Village, refunding certain outstanding obligations of the Village, and paying for costs related thereto, ordinance # 12-11-17-01

-Motion was made by Dave Mertes, 2nd by Chris Dose, all yes to approve the The Resolution Committing Local Funds, Resolution # 12-11-17-02, all yes.

-Jack advised the board he has spoken to the owner of the Daveís Lost Ant, who stated he will be interested in annexing in the village on July 1, 2018.



-Motion to adjourn was made by Chris Dose, 2nd by Dave Mertes, all yes.












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