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Meeting Agenda for Monday August 14, 2017

I.                  Call to order


II.               Approval of monthly minutes for July, 2017 


III.            Open Issues – Guests

A.     Kevin Lindeman from NCICG


IV.           Finance (Ray Brierley)

-Approve Monthly Treasurers Report

-Discuss the payoff on the squad car with the franchise check that was received

-Amending Ordinance # 08140602


V.              Water / Sewer (Dave Mertes)

-Update on 4th Street Water Repair/Situation


VI.           Buildings / Grounds (Mike Cooper)

- Fixing the Gazebo at the Village Park

                 -Ramp for Blue Giggles Sweet Shop


VII.        Police Department (Andy Forrest)



VIII.     Health & Safety (Jack Immel)



IX.            Streets / Alleys (Chris Dose)


X.               Unfinished Business



XI.            New Business 



XII.         Adjournment






Minutes of July 10th, 2017


Meeting was called to order at 7:28 PM by Jack Immel


Present: Dave Mertes, Randy Railey, Mike Cooper, Ray Brierly. Andy Forrest and Chris Dose.


Guests present:   Jimmy Kreiser, Mitch McCaw, Dean Chalkey, Leland Decker, Darin Crask, Chief of Police, Jimmy Kreiser, Jerry Comisky, and Brett from News Tribune.



Motion was made by Randy Railey, 2nd by Andy Forrest to approve minutes from June 12, 2017 meeting.  All Yes.


Jerry Comisky from the American Legion addressed the board asking permission to put a veteran’s memorial at the Lostant Park.  Jerry stated the dedication for the memorial is set to be on Memorial Day, May 28, 2018.  Dave Mertes had asked where the memorial will be put at, and Jerry stated by the flag pole that is at the park. 


Doneida Larson from Lostant Ladies League asked to reserve the town park on July 28, 2017 for a movie night, and on August 25, 2017, from 6-8 PM for a paint balloon party.  Doneida stated she did speak to fire Chief Andy Forrest and had asked if he will spray the park down when they are all done.  Jack Immel stated he does not see a problem, with the paint balloon party as long as Mike Cooper checks with the insurance company first.    



- Motion was made by Andy Forrest, 2nd by Mike Cooper to approve the monthly treasurer’s report.  All Yes.

-Jack Immel stated the village had received a check from Hart Electric in the amount of $6.300.00, for the franchise fees.   Jack stated he would like to pay off the squad car with that check, as the payoff on that vehicle is $5459.95.  Randy Railey had asked before we do that is there enough money to pay the rest of the bills for the month.   Dave Mertes had asked Treasurer Jim Kreiser if that was a good idea, and Jim had responded no, maybe wait until the rest of the property tax money comes in.  Jack had advised village clerk to put this on the agenda for next month.    


 Water & Sewer:          



Buildings & Grounds: 

- Mike stated that there will be some tree trimming that needs to be done in the alleys.  Mike stated he was going to speak to the city of Wenona to see if we could use the bucket truck to trim some of the trees. 

-Mike advised the board that the Gazebo at the park needs repaired.  Village employee Leland Decker stated that he could take the gazebo off and redo the base, but he would need about 5-6 guys to help lift the gazebo off.  Dave Mertes had asked the board if we wanted to keep the gazebo, Jack had asked the board what we wanted to do.  Chris Dose then asked how many times we are going to fix it.  Dave had asked Leland if he had fixed this before and Leland had stated no.  Leland stated everything he had put into the gazebo he had donated.  Jack stated Fred Hartenbower was the one who had put the gazebo at the park, he suggested he would talk to Fred about getting the materials to fix this.  Jack stated this can get tabled to the next meeting as he will then have time to speak to Fred.  Chris Dose had stated if the village is going to keep the gazebo he would like to see it put on concrete. 

-Mike Cooper had stated that there is another project in town that concrete is needed for.  Blue Giggles Sweet Shop wanted a ramp for the handicapped individuals.  Mike stated the town could do the ramp and then the gazebo at the same time since both can use the concrete.  Jack stated to look into this.

-Jack Immel had stated that Leland Decker had some pricing on a new lawn mower.  Jack stated he feels the price of a new lawn mower should be compared to the price of fixing the one we have.  Jack stated he will go to a John Deer dealer to see what can be done to get it done right.



-Ray Brierly had asked Chief of Police Darin Crask about the abandoned vehicles on property, if they were licensed.  Darin replied according to the ordinance that the Kyle (village attorney) had showed Darin they do not have to be, that the vehicles just have to be operable.  Mike Cooper stated that we need to look into changing that.  Jack Immel advised the clerk to put that on next month agenda.  Jack then thanked Darin and the police department in the progress of moving the vehicles. 


Health & Safety:         

-Randy Railey stated he will have a date at September meeting for dog registration.


Streets & Alleys:          



Unfinished Business:    

-Motion made by Randy Railey, 2nd by Dave Mertes to accept Frontier Bid for internet/phone service.  All yes. 

-Village residents have until October 1, 2017, to provide address numbers on their homes.  The numbers have to be 4” in height.  Jack stated he will be sending out quarterly letters to the residents advising them of what has been going on, and he will remind residents in this letter. 

-Jack had asked the board how they felt about paying $750.00 a month to join the North Central Economic Development, the board agreed not to pay that. 

-Bids on 2nd Street to replace the culverts, Jack stated he hopes by next meeting he will have some more bids come in. 

-Jack did advised the board that there is permits now available for people that come into town to sell things, this will not include the Girl Scouts, or Schwan Man. 



New Business:  

-Motion made by Mike Cooper, 2nd by Andy Forrest to go into executive session.  All yes.

-Motion made by Dave Mertes, 2nd by Mike Cooper to come out of executive session.  All yes.

-Motion was made by Chris Dose, 2nd by Mike Cooper to increase the village employees’ salaries by $.50 an hour, voting yes was Dave Mertes, Mike Cooper, Ray Brierly, and Chris Dose.  Voting no was Randy Railey and Andy Forrest.

-Motion was made by Randy Railey, 2nd by Andy Forrest to approve the police budget.  All yes.




-Motion to adjourn was made by Randy Railey, 2nd by Mike Cooper, all yes.












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