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Village of Lostant, IL


Fire Protection District

Training Schedule       Equipment



The Village of Lostant Protection District includes the Fire Department along with Ambulance Services


Lostant Fire Protection District was established in 1951. We are located in the Southwest corner of LaSalle County. We cover approximately 60 square miles, which includes 5 1/2 miles on I-39 (mile markers 39 1/2 to 45), 10 miles of IL Rt. 18 and 5 miles of IL Route 251.


The Fire Protection District has a total of 34 members: 9 EMT's, 5 First Responders and 22 Firefighters.


Lostant belongs to MABAS Division 25


The Fire Department consists of 25 volunteer members

They have training in:

Auto Extracation

SCBA Training

Fire Suppression

All Members are Essentials I certified, Hazmat Awareness, CPR/AED Trained

and NIMS Certified 100, 200, 700, 800





Fire District Officers:

Fire Chief: Andy Forrest #2105

Assistant Fire Chief: Joe Frietag #2106

Captain: Jake Bade #2107

1st Lieutenant: Greg Simms #2108

2nd Lieutenant: Steven Chambers #2109

Training Officer: Gabe Shull #2151

EMS Chief: Joe Freitag


Fire Association Officers:

President: Dave Mertes

Secretary: Jake Bade

Treasurer: Dave Mertes


Fire District Trustee Members:

Terry Patyk: President

Jason Wiesbrock: Treasurer

Cyril "Buddy" Moroni: Trustee

Daron Judd: Trustee

Jim Kreiser: Secretary





Active Firefighters and Joined Date:

Nick Poppelwell 11/2015 Steven Chambers 1/2003 Mike Cooper 5/1993 Chris Dose 7/2003 Dave Holmes 1998
Rob Fluech 5/2010 Andy Forrest 7/1997 Joe Freitag 1/2004 Frank Gurbar 4/2011 Scott Connor 12/2016
Matt Tondi 12/2016 Dave Mertes 3/1997 Jim Kreiser 10/2009 Rich Neeman 2/1998 John Rothchild 4/2013
Marty Aherns 2/2016 Jake Bade 4/2013 Jason Wiesbrock 12/2003 Josh Scott 8/2007 Gabe Shull 9/2003
Greg Simms 3/2011 Jacob Wiesbrock, Cadet 2/2016      


First Responders:

Andy Forrest Kelly Mack Jake Bade Matt Tondi Scott Connor
Nick Popplewell        



Joe Freitag

Ron Bapp

Carol Stoens

Trisha Kreiser

Jacey Stoens

Ashley Freitag

Karen Schmitt

Gabe Shull

Shauna Breckenridge Carolyn Wetter Marty Aherns Steven Chambers



Visit us on Facebook: Lostant Fire Department

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